Expri Communications solutions:

Services provided by Expri Communications LLC include: internet research, digital media, and information services; domain registration and management, website development, management, curation, and maintenance.

Request for services or proposals may be sent to Expri Communications LLC by email (please include particulars) to: email@expri.com

internet research--
Internet research is curated search. The total information available on the web continues to grow, but the ability to find and process it (in context, format, presentation) continues to diminish. Hence the need for human-curated search utilizing, in part, numerous search and software tools, as well as insight, knowledge, and experience, in delivering the product and service needed by the client.

digital media--
Florida's digital media industry association, Digital Media Alliance Florida, has defined digital media as "the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education." The following articles provide further information:

information services--
Information services are the production, manipulation, preservation, and presentation of data and other sources of information. The following provide further insight: